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Samsung Captivate Cases: Most Bought Cases Reviewed

Samsung Captivate is one of the 26 devices found by the jury to have infringed on six patents of Apple. This is the Galaxy S version for U.S. carrier AT&T which was released in 2010. While it can be considered “dated” owners actually have the luxury to make it attractive through Samsung Captivate cases which are now offered for considerably low price on any retail stores nationwide.

Now here are a few cases that might just make your 2-year-old Android smartphone better:

Rubberized Silver Vine Flower Butterfly Snap

It is among the most bought Samsung Captivate cases available at Amazon because not only that it is offered for $0.45, it is rubberized and whatever surfaces you put this on, your handset will be safer. Its flat black background basically gives way to the silver flowery twirls to shine. And based on users’ experience, this case will perfectly fit with Samsung Captivate.

Dark Purple Rubberized Hard Case

If you want to make your Captivate more elegant, then this could be the case that would fit your taste. The color is basically dark purple but it turns into a lighter shade of violet when hit by light. While this is a hard case, it does not really add bulk to the slim handset. Thus, you can be assured that only the color and the physical appearance of your device will change. It is currently being offered for $5.03 at Amazon. If you are looking for Samsung Captivate cases that would literally upgrade the look of your device, you should try this.

OtterBox Samsung Captivate Defender Case

If you are more concerned of the safety of your device, then you should go after a case with a proven record when it comes to protecting smartphones. Otterbox’s defender case, although it is offered at a considerably high price, would be a perfect choice. User reviews would tell us this enclosure fits with Captivate very well and has simple and minimalist design.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Samsung Captivate cases available in the market today. But whenever you are going to choose one that would protect your investment, you should never hesitate on choosing the ones with proven record irrespective of the price. Captivate, albeit dated, still has what it takes to be called “good smartphone” primarily because of its specs and design. Alongside getting the perfect Samsung Captivate cases for it, you should also update it to a later version of Android.

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