Samsung Begins Mass Producing Fastest Embedded NAND Storage for Smartphones and Tablets

Samsung announced that it has now begun the volume production of its ultra fast embedded storage (eMMC) for smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. For now, the density of these eMMC’s is 16. 32, and 64 GB, of Pro Class 1500 that will deliver the industry’s fastest speeds for storage, which is up to 149 MB per second, with writing speeds up to 50 MB per seconds.

The main purpose of designing the Pro Class 1500 eMMC was to provide a storage services to the next generation premium mobile products. The Pro Class 1500 eMMC will not only increase the performance of the device, but it will also increase the user experience for a wide variety of applications, which includes 3D and HD video capture and playback, web browsing, augmented reality and the use of social networking sites and interactive graphics rich gaming and multi tasking activities. Even if your purchase a smart phone or tablet for some specific need or purpose, you will notice a difference if it has a Pro Class 1500 eMMC installed in it. This is because the eMMC technology has not be used in anything else at the moment, which is why the boost in processing speeds and graphical details, HD video and imaging capturing will take less time and you will also end up taking enhanced HD videos and images as well.

Playing games on devices fitted with a Pro Class 1500 eMMC is going to be the start of a new experience in mobile gaming. Playbooks, tablets and smart phone gaming is going to change with better and more enhanced features after these the NAND storage is introduced for them.

The ultra high speed storage device uses the Samsung’s 64 GB NAND with a toggle DDR 2.0 interface, which is based on the company’s latest 20 nanometer class processing technology. Moreover, the eMMC is a new technology that comes with a fully managed NAND memory that comes with its own high performance controller and intelligent flash management firmware as well.

Since, the industry was looking for a ultra thin and ultra fast storage device, Samsung really had to work hard in order to make this happen, which they did by offering a new eMMC in two, four, and eight die stacks with the largest capacity of 64 GB. The 64 GB eMMC is just 1.2 millimeters thick, which is far less than conventional memories that are found in smart phones and tablets these days.

The Pro Class 1500 eMMC by Samsung is going to be the first one to support the latest JEDC e-MMC v4.5 specifications that standardizes more features to improve security, efficiency, performance, and reliability such as cache handling, file sanitizing, power off notification, dynamic handling, and a SDR-200 interface, (200 MHz, 200 MB/s Max Bandwidth.)

However, this eMMC also features highly reliable boot code and application storage as well. The 64 GB Samsung eMMC can store 16000 MP3 files in a single package that weight only 0.6 grams. However, this is not the first time Samsung has decided to change the Storage market, because back in January 2010, it introduced the first 64 GB eMMC using 30nm-Class** 32 GB NAND flash components.


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