Samsung Allegedly Making a Point and Shoot Camera Based Off Of The Galaxy S III

This isn’t surprising per-say as there have been many rumors in the past about an Android camera, but now we know that the manufacturer making that Android camera is actually Samsung Electronics. According to an anonymous source, rumors are increasingly getting stronger that Samsung Electronics has plans on announcing a Galaxy S III based point and shoot camera alongside the Galaxy Note 2 during this years IFA convention (International Franchise Association). Having a Galaxy S III point and shoot camera, I think would be one of the best point and shoot cameras on the market (that is, depending on how they work it out). Supposedly, this device is supposed to be called the Samsung Galaxy S Camera and will be featuring a 4.8 inch Super AMOLED screen that is also found on the Galaxy S III. The camera will also be running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with some other internal specifications of the point and shoot camera that has yet to be determined. It’ll be interesting to see if it could somehow get updated to Jelly Bean and higher Android OS’s as they release. I’m not sure how that would all work out though. That said, a Android powered point and shoot camera does sound fairly interesting.

The source described the point and shoot camera as a Galaxy S III that had been attached to the back end of a camera with no physical buttons to be seen on the back of the device. Not only that, but it’s been reported that to be around 2 times thicker than the Galaxy S III. This is neither a surprise and nor is something smaller expected, after all it is a camera. Other features of the camera that has been reported is a 10x zoom, a 16 mega pixel sensor (size has not been revealed as of yet), a pop-out Xenon flash with a fairly curved right side that will help with the ergonomics. Not only that but the device will come in Wi-Fi and 3G + Wi-Fi variants. Only Mobile Data will be available, voice, as you would expect, is not available (although, we all know that a modder will come along and gave it voice capabilities). Any other features that may or may not be included in this new device have not been revealed yet. That said, none of this information has neither been denied or confirmed, so the device is still up in the air. Still, with all the android camera rumors we’ve been hearing, there’s no doubt that we very well could be seeing one.

I definitely didn’t expect Samsung of all companies to be making this, but it does sound really fantastic and would be something that I would purchase if I were to grab a point and shoot camera. Is anyone actually interested in a Android powered point and shoot camera, do you think it sounds cool at all? Would you even be interested in purchasing a device like this? Let us know in the comments below!

source: GSM Arena
via: Talk Android


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