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S Pen SDK Update Annnounced at IFA, Samsung Also Reminds Users of Public $200,000 Contest

One of the really cool highlights at Samsung’s Galaxy Note II announcement at IFA yesterday, was actually the increased functionality that will be carried by the Note II’s S Pen. The Galaxy Note II’s version of the S Pen, aside from being “ergonomically designed for the perfect grip,” will allow users to quickly clip, crop, edit screen content, and adding illustrations and handwritten keyword recognition. The S Pen will now be featuring a very unique “hover” ability where the application will be able to recognize that the S Pen is near the screen and will then react to that detection with contextual menus or other activities. It really is a pretty cool new feature, but if only this feature was available for other applications.

Samsung is looking to put the power of the S Pen to use in more than just Samsung’s own applications. That said, the Korean tech giant has put up thew new S Pen SDK (Software Development Kit) version to 2.2 with all of the S Pen’s brand new features that were shown off at IFA yesterday. Here’s all of the new stuff you can expect to see in the SDK:

NEW UX Scenario: Let your app interact with the S Pen while hovering over the GALAXY Note

  • Updated SPenEventLibrary enables S Pen recognition with no physical contact (Hovering).
  • S Pen can call Hover Pointer Icon (i.e. Pen, Text, Color Picker, Color filing) with preset.

Context Awareness: Launch pre-defined features while the S Pen/Earphone is used.

  • The package information of the apps used can be recognized while the S Pen is detached or the Earphone is attached to the device.
  • A newly added SPenDetachmentListener, recognizes when the S Pen is detached. Note: This listener does not support the original GALAXY Note

Easier & Expanded Drawing: Advanced features for your creative apps

  • ‘Calligraphy Brush’ has been added to pen input; 5 brushes in total.
  • Color filling features enable users to fill with the color selected at SettingView.
  • Improved SettingView function and UI; More Pen presets, New Fonts, Mini SettingView
  • Special Effects; 33 types of Image Effects including the Scratch Effect
  • Images from SCanvasView can be cut/copied/pasted using Clipboard

That may sound like a bunch of jumbo to you, but we’re sure developers understand it all. The S Pen’s new features are quite nice, but Samsung has also reminded their readers of their Smart App Challenge. This challenge is an app-creating contest with prizes that go up to a whopping $200,000. It’s still open for entries until September 30th, so if you’ve just heard of it from us, you better get the ball rolling! $200,000 is a lot of money to earn just off of an application. If you’re looking for a way to download the SDK and get started on that contest, just hit the source link below and from there you should be able to easily download the Software Development Kit for the S Pen.

Will anyone be looking into entering this contest and taking a chance at the $200,000 prize? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Samsung Developers
via: Android Police

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