Rovio Teases Bad Piggies with a New Teaser Video


Rovio has just made the Bad Piggies game somewhat official by revealing a new teaser video for the upcoming release. A couple of days ago we saw Rovio make a press release public on the new Bad Piggies Facebook page which revealed plans for a new spin off. And this video pretty much confirms it, so we finally have something new to look forward to from Rovio. It seems like the game will still revolve around pigs and birds although in a slightly new avatar. Users will finally get to experience the world of Angry Birds from the eyes of the pigs, it seems. The point here is to make the users gain some sympathy for the pigs and start revolting against the birds, seems like a fun plan. We aren’t quite sure as to when this new spin off will be made available, but we expect to see it happen anytime soon.

Angry Birds’ is being quickly forgotten, so this new game seems like Rovio’s way to get back into business. The video in itself tells very little about gameplay or anything for that matter, with a flurry of pigs flooding a lone bird, ending with a big line – “Something PIG is coming”. It will certainly be interesting to see how the game goes down with the fans. With the franchise slowly getting stale with the users, it was high time that Rovio did something about it. The Finnish developer group tried its hand with Amazing Alex, which didn’t do all that well despite extensive hype surrounding the game before its release. Will Rovio’s attempt at a franchise revival get any success? Only time will tell. We’re sure though that Rovio has something different planned for us besides the usual slinging arcade action that we’re so used to seeing.

Source: Rovio (YouTube)
Via: Phone Arena