Rovio Could Be Prepping Bad Piggies as a Spin-Off to Angry Birds


Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise has garnered worldwide recognition and the game without much doubt is one of the most popular mobile games till date. However, Angry Birds isn’t as popular anymore with the arrival of newer titles in the app stores. We have been hearing of a revival of the franchise from Rovio, and now we have partial confirmation with a Facebook page named Bad Piggies being put up by Rovio, accompanied by a “press release” from the evil pigs. The press release only keeps us wanting more, with additional info promised in the near future.

There are a few theories as to what this new spin off would be like. Some believe it will give us an insight into the world of pigs, which have a significant role in the Angry Birds franchise. This could also mean that users will finally be able to play as the pigs instead of the birds and wreak havoc on the gang of birds. It is also possible that Rovio would leave aside the birds and make Bad Piggies an entirely new concept with the world revolving around the adventures of the pigs. A multiplayer concept for the game doesn’t seem like a bad idea either. It will be interesting to see how that works out for Rovio. The developer’s recent arrival, Amazing Alex, didn’t quite manage to impress fans of Angry Birds due to its nature. So it was basically a hit or a miss kind of a game.

With Bad Piggies, Rovio would want to regain the dominance it once had in the app sphere. The aforementioned press release has certainly gotten us excited, and we should see Rovio give out more info in the coming days. We can expect to see heavy marketing by Rovio. Will this alleged spin-off work for Angry Birds fans? We think so. With mobile games arriving in bunches in the market, it is important that Rovio makes this one stand out. Google Play currently has Angry Birds in the 15th position in its Top Free Apps Chart with Amazing Alex nowhere in the picture, so that should tell you how exactly Rovio’s apps have been faring. We can expect a teaser video to be unveiled soon to get the fans of the franchise even more excited.

Source: Facebook (Bad Piggies)
Via: Phandroid