Review: Tetris

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $2.99, $0.99 on iTunes

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Gamers who loved playing Tetris back in the old school and retro days of gaming are going to love to hear the news that Electronic Arts has actually developed Tetris for both iOS and Android platforms. Obviously you won’t have the same experience when it first released but the game still has it’s original fun factor at the core of it all. For those who haven’t heard of Tetris and enjoy arcade games will love this too. There are a few things that really stink about it though. The first is the touch screen controls the game has. These really stink.

Those who have played the game might agree with me when I say that Tetris seems like it was never meant for touch screen controls with the different ways you can turn the block along with moving the block side to side so it fits perfectly. With the current controls that Tetris for Android and iOS have it makes things fairly difficult. Often Tetris on these devices never recognize the touch screen controls and therefore your block will not move or turn the way you want but instead just stay at it’s original form. The idea of Tetris on Android and iOS is really cool, but again, it just does not fit the style of the game.

The other thing that I really don’t like about Tetris is it’s graphics. I really, really do not like the updated graphics that Tetris supposedly has. It’s fairly annoying even. The bright purple colors of the border really clash with the block colors. It’s seriously is so annoying that it’s worthy of a headache. The other thing is, because of such advanced graphics, the game is way bigger than it really needs to be. Thus, your download is going to take sometime to finish. It’s pretty ridiculous.

One thing that I do like about this game is the original Tetris theme song. This is honestly the best thing about the game. Hearing the original soundtrack is probably 100x better than the music we have in games today! Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you do have to admit that it is really good and maybe even worth the buy just for the soundtrack. Scratch that, you can get the song file for free on most websites while Electronic Arts is trying to sell the game to you for $2.99. That is a ridiculous price for such a old school game. $0.99 I would understand, but three dollars? Seriously EA? This is where they completely and totally messed up.

I usually purchase the full game for these reviews, but in this case I just went with the free version. There was no way I was going to pay such a price for such an old school game. If it was on one of the old consoles, sure. This? No way! I don’t recommend getting this game at all. I’d honestly just wait for a independent developer to get bored and decide to make a real version of Tetris.

This “advanced” version is ridiculous.