Review: Spirit

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $2.99, $0.99 on iTunes

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Jakyl, a top developer on Google Play has created a game called “Spirit HD.” This isn’t your ordinary arcade game. The madness and mayhem in Spirit HD keeps everyone who’s playing very engaged and involved. It’s very simple to play and very fun to play. There is no shooting, no on-screen controls. It’s just you and Spirit. Swipe your finger and Spirit will mimic your movement. It’s very easy to play and it actually is surprisingly, a very beautiful game with no bugs or glitches to try and work around. The game is about $3, which I personally think isn’t worth your money at all if you’re going to play it once or twice. It has some stunning graphics and some beautiful sounds, but in reality at it’s core it’s just another arcade game that you may or may not find yourself very interested in.

What I do find awesome that the developer, Jakyl did is that for $3 they give you a package. In the package is both the phone and tablet version so you won’t have to pay for the game twice. This package is specific to the Android platform, so you won’t be seeing that on iTunes or anything. The only problem with this is that they are having some sort of licensing issue. They say Google Play renews your license every so often but players are often finding that it removes the license and will force players to purchase the game again. I don’t know if this is due to the package deal or if it’s a bug in Google Play. If it is a bug in Google Play the last update from Google should have fixed that issue. If not, you may find yourself stuck waiting for a fix. Either way, it’s still pretty awesome that Jakyl decided to offer Android users a sort of package to include both versions of the game.

The graphics in the game are outstandingly beautiful as I said earlier. The game offers a lot of visual content which seems to be where the developers focus was on. One thing I don’t like about their focus being on graphics is that in most cases (this goes for PC games too) they don’t finish making the gameplay fun and engaging. They don’t make a “happy medium” and often they don’t even fix those mistakes. In the case of Spirit, the game is fun and is engaging, but it lacks a fun factor after a few levels or “waves.”

Overall the game has some really awesome features. Not only that but the performance and stability is really well done for an arcade game. Often you may see some sluggishness, but Jakyl has seemed to be able to keep that out of their game. I was happy to see that everything played really well. Again, aside from the lack of a fun factor, the game is pretty cool. I only wish that they would really get the licensing issues fixed and I hope those issues don’t affect my copy of the game.


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