Review: Skater Boy

App descriptions sometimes do not match the actual gaming experience. After all, the descriptions are there to entice people into downloading the app, especially for those who haven’t heard of the app before. When the Skater Boy app, however, describes itself as “easy but super fun,” it fully delivers on this promise.

Skater Boy lets users take on the role of a boy on a skateboard who has to skate through various environments and land safely after every jump. The game currently offers three terrains, including Town, Forest, and Cemetery. There are also 90 levels which have to be unlocked, and are said to be on the way.

Users are provided with two buttons on the bottom of the screen which they have to tap. Pressing the left button repeatedly allows them to accelerate, whereas the right one permits them to jump over the various obstacles in the game such as stairs, fire hydrants, wild pigs, and rocks. On the other hand, one should collect blue stars and trophies along the way as these add to the score.

Because the mechanics are quite easy but still challenging, unlocking levels can get pretty addictive. This is quite an exercise on the thumbs as you may find yourself continuously tapping the accelerate button to speed up the skating, just to further add to the excitement.

The graphics are cartoonish and are appropriate even for younger gamers. Meanwhile, the sound effects are quite amusing, especially the scream that follows once Skater Boy trips over an obstacle.

Skater Boy is by the same team that brought Android users Pool Mania, Yoo Ninja! Free, Jewels Deluxe, and Bubble Shoot.

While it is not as popular as many of today’s top free Android apps, Skater Boy has gotten, to date, between 10,000,000 to 50,000,000 installs. It has furthermore received 4.7 out of the 5-star rating on Google Play.

All in all, this app would be great for those who prefer games that are simple but still challenging.

Download it here.

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