Review: Puzzle Quest 2

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Puzzle Quest 2 was an interesting game. I enjoyed playing the game on my Atrix 2 but the game is lacking a lot of substance. It was creating by Namco Networks and for some reason for the longest time I was having issues unlocking the classes on my phone. I always got an error message that would say, “Your order is processing, your item will be available in a few minutes.” It then went back to the purchase screen and said “Purchase Transaction Failed.” It was kind of ridiculous and Namco Networks hasn’t responded to this issue at all (I may try uninstalling and reinstalling since Namco isn’t responding , but the review must go on!).

Puzzle Quest: Warlords was a fun game, and this is pretty cool too. It seems that all they did though is take the Warlords game and improve it a little bit. Thankfully the game itself is free and you aren’t paying $2.99 just for a few slight improvements in the game itself. I do hope that they eventually do a huge update to keep up with all the other applications offering much better content than what Puzzle Quest 2 is currently offering. The past Puzzle Quest games really great, but this really was a very lazy port. It feels slow and unoptimized for certain devices. Sometimes it’s even unresponsive to touch.

As for the graphics, they are often blurry and sometimes even flake out because again, it was a lazy port over to Android. It basically feels like a low-resolution mess that really needs to get fixed. It’s probably better to go and get the game on a device that has been confirmed to work before deciding that you could just play it on your device. My Atrix 2 handles this game terribly. The puzzles are fun, but everything else is abysmal.

Namco is often terrible at doing ports to other platforms and often proves this over and over again with almost every game they port. They always play good on the device they were developed for, but anything else is just not worth into even trying to play because of their terrible ports.

Puzzle Quest requires an SD Card and around 280MB of free storage. Yes, the game is that big. Don’t let the 1MB download on the Google Play page deceive you, there’s a whole lot more to download right after it finishes loading onto your device.

Although the game hasn’t locked up and crashed on me, I would still consider the performance to be pretty bad because of how slow the game runs. Not only that but because it’s unresponsive to touch most of the time it makes the game barely playable. I enjoyed what I could get through though. I just suggest trying to find the right device to play this on.

It’s free, so if you want to wait for the 280MB download to finish, it might be worth a shot.

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