Review: PolarStorm

Available On: Android

Price: $2.99

Download: Google Play

If you’re into puzzle games and games in a “wintry wonderland” you may just find that PolarStorm is a game that you’ll love. It’s not a very popular game, in fact it only has 13 5 star reviews and 2 4 star reviews. That right there should tell you that it’s not popular at all. It may be the fact that people like myself thought the $2.99 price point for the game was ridiculous. And it was. I was originally going to base my review off of trailers and opinions of other peoples. Then I started looking into the game more and it actually began to look really fun. Being a fan of a good puzzle game and all, I decided to just purchase it. I mean, I could get a refund within 15 minutes anyway, right? What was there to lose?

I ended up getting my refund. This game was not as good as reviewers were saying it was. On top of that, there were only thirty puzzles in PolarStorm. Developer, Jakyl claimed to have mind boggling, addictive and hard puzzles to figure out. They said you’d need skill and a lot of mental dexterity to figure these puzzles out even! What a lie! I could give them the benefit of the doubt and just claim that I am pretty advanced in the puzzle genre, but I won’t. The difficulty of the puzzles makes it feel like a children’s game. A children’s puzzle game could even potentially be more difficult than this!

No wonder why there is only 15 reviews on Google Play!

Rant aside, compared to the game Spirit, the quality of PolarStorm is terrible. You may think those two games are not even comparable because they are completely different. Yes, they are different but both games were developed by the same company. Due to how much quality Spirit had in it, I was really expecting that PolarStorm would have that same quality. Unfortunately I was wrong. This game feels rushed and for $2.99 there was no way I was keeping the game for 30 puzzles. I paid $0.99 for Amazing Alex by Rovio and have 80+ puzzles to go through that are actually challenging! Not only that, but they promise extra levels to play through in the future!

Jakyl did a terrible job on this game and I think they know it too. This review on the Lite version of the game (I usually always review the paid ones as they always have more quality) by MrCubbins explains this game in less than a hundred words. “It is wise to play the demo as it becomes immediately apparent why you should avoid buying the full game: “Controls are unresponsive to touch. The graphics are dated and textures are low res. To make matters worse, the frame rate frequently stutters even on a dual core tablet. If you are looking for a good sliding puzzle game look no further than Cogs; a far better and more slickly presented game with more challenge, depth and replay value.”

I do not recommend this game at all. It’s buggy and it’s terrible. I mean, low res graphics for $2.99 on a high definition Android smartphone? How ridiculous is that!

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