Review: Lume

Available On: Android

Price: $2.50

Download: Google Play

Lume was a game created by State of Play Games. At its core it’s a puzzle game trying to tell a story that supposedly was supposed to be immersive. I didn’t find much immersion to it at all, but I did find that the puzzles often made you think and think for quite a while. It’s quite a good game (not in terms of story, that was terrible.) with its thrilling puzzles and fun graphics.

The one thing this game lacks is a ton of replayability. After spending $2.50 on the game, I had no motivating to go back after beating it in about 3hrs and possibly less. At points in the game it was a little laggy when you moved around but after a couple of seconds it seemed to pick back up. That was kind of weird bug I was able to ignore it just fine.

As for content in this game, there isn’t a whole lot. I was able to beat the game in around three hours, as I said earlier. Whether they will be making new levels or “episodes,” that’s beyond me. It’s been a really long time since we’ve heard anything from the developers. If they do end up doing new episodes, I hope they are free. The lack of content and really the fun factor does not make me want to pay for extra episodes.

I would only suggest this game to those who are really interested in puzzles. This is where this game excels. It often requires a lot of thinking and sometimes the puzzles are so obvious that you won’t even bother looking at that piece to the puzzle until after you’ve looked everywhere else. In that sense, it’s a really fun game. If you’re after it for a story or something though, this is not the game you should be looking into. Instead, may I suggest looking into some of GameLoft or Glu Game’s titles?

But, no. This game is not worth paying extra money on. I liked the graphics, but they weren’t thrilling. They were indeed creative but by no means were they thrilling in the least. They did a good job with them but like most games, it’s not something revolutionary. It really is just your standard graphics with your standard music and sound effects.

It beats me why anyone would go to the trouble of replaying this game. Overall, if you’re here for the puzzles there is a lot of fun to be had. If you’re here for the story, I really would not recommend this game to you at all. Aside from that, its performance was great (aside from the lag I experienced earlier in the game) and most of it runs fluidly.

If they do do a sequel or extra episode I hope that they will improve upon what was done in this game. The idea that this game is full of story is absurd and wrong. It’s not something that I found I could really get into. It may be different for other people though, if that’s the case, go check it out!

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