Review: Heroes of Might & Jewels

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Heroes of Might & Jewels will attract players that love games like Bejeweled, an old classic. It’s essentially the same thing with a twist to it. It’s basically medieval themed. Instead of jewels you’ll be using things like swords and shields instead of red and green gems. I think it’s actually a pretty cool style for the game and it also has a added story to the game. This game does not add any new revolutionary ideas in Bejeweled, it’s essentially the same thing that does it right. It does not claim to be anything it’s not. Many people call the game meaningless, but it really only attracts players who like Arcade games or just Bejewled in general.

The touch controls work really well with Heroes of Might & Jewels. It’s the complete opposite situation that Tetris was in by Electronic Arts. As a medieval nerd myself, I love this game’s style. I don’t think I would constantly play this game as I’d rather play others but it is very innovative and very nicely designed. I do think that there are players that would play this game a lot, but I am not one of them.

With that said, the only complaint I have about the game is the fact that ads are often blocking the jewels you have to match. With the quality of the game, the ads aren’t really a complaint from me. I know developers need to earn money off of their applications. What I do wish is that they would created a Pro version of the game that would get rid of the ads. That or being able to remove the ads from another purchase inside the application. Either way, removing the ads would be super helpful and would add a lot more to the game. The game is still playable, but the ads do often block some rows for combos.

The graphics are pretty nice. Again, nothing revolutionary but the retro style of the game is really enjoyable. The simple clone does everything right about Bejewled. The plus is that there is no lagginess or sluggishness in the game whatsoever. I’m very thankful they went to extra efforts to make sure of this as I would consider it game breaking if there was any sort of lag in a Bejewled like game. The application is free, so you won’t be spending any money on the game whatsoever.

Overall I thought the games performance was fantastic. The game was very well developed and during my play things just went really well. I didn’t experience any bugs which was a good thing. Again, the biggest complaint is the placement of the apps. They really need to add an option to be able to remove of that nuisance. At that point, for it’s style, the game would be near perfect.

If your a fan of these types of game, once you start, I promise you won’t be able to put it down. For a free game, this is highly addicting.

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