Review: Groupon

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

If you’re looking for an app that offers all the latest coupons and free offers you might be interested in checking out Groupon. Groupon is updated daily with new coupon and offers while also searching for offers near your location. In the case that you lived in Chicago, Illinois, Groupon would search for offers near that location. If you happen to be traveling while using Groupon, its super easy to just change the location you’re in. At first I thought this would be one of this coupon scamming applications but after looking into it more, it works fantastically.

Often you’ll find coupons for all sorts of deals which is really nice. Sure the coupons are pretty random, but if you come across something you’d want like a Weight Management program you could save yourself over $100 currently. One cool thing about Groupon is when you touch an app, it will give you the total value of the item, the savings you’re getting and then the discount percentage (such as 78% off).

A lot of the deals on Groupon are for a limited time (as most coupons are). Most coupons have an expiration date while others will have a limited availability of coupons. You’ll find things like the Weight Management program to be on an expiration date while something like an expensive pair of earrings are only available to a limited amount of customers.

Groupon isn’t just limited to items though. Often they’ll have discounts on classes like Glass Blowing and even discounts on Getaways to places like Myrtle Beach or Costa Rica (a Costa Rica trip currently is $1000 off, talk about savings!). The question is though, does this application actually work?

Yes it does. I’ve tested and tried this out myself and it also seems to be working for the other 85,000 people who gave the application a five star review.

As for ordering items through Groupon, you’re going to need to enter your credit card, billing address and shipping information. After that, it is really easy to order from Groupon with just a touch of a button.

As for performance, so far the application has been stable for me. The only thing I noticed is it requires an active internet connection. If your phone tries to save data by shutting off the internet every so often using this app could be a bit of an issue until it decides to boot the data connection back up (usually it does this when you unlock the phone or the phone notices activity).

Aside from the constant internet connection Groupon also requires your GPS location and Facebook data to detect your likes and dislikes from statuses and such. The Facebook data isn’t exactly a requirement but is recommended. If you’d rather not do Facebook it’s easy to make an account with them. If you do do Facebook, Groupon will cater coupons to your likes and dislikes which is often helpful.

The largest complaint I have seen about Groupon is that there is not enough coupons for restaurants or food in general (kind of funny actually). I do suggest getting the application if you’re looking to save money easily.