Review: Google Chrome to Phone

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Okay, this app I wasn’t really so sure about, but it’s actually really cool. As the title implies it was created by Google (it should be good just because it’s Google right?). The application is completely free but just takes a few steps to get set up. To use this application it requires that you have Google Chrome on your computer (as the title implies) and the Google Chrome to Phone extension installed off of the Chrome web store. After doing that you’re going to have to install the Google Chrome to Phone on your Android device and then set up your appropriate e-mail, register and all of that.

Google Chrome to Phone will let you highlight things like phone numbers and then send it to your phone. The phone number that it sends to your phone will open up your dialer and then allow you to just press the call button. You can send web page links to your phone too. Let’s say that your running late for a meeting and are on a important web page or web page you want to look at while your out. You can quickly highlight the web page and then click the Google Chrome to Phone button and then there it is open in your browser! Essentially it’s just a fantastic way to remember links, phone numbers along with accessing them very quickly. Its a useful tool, I honestly wish Firefox had something like this and maybe they do but I just haven’t seen it. I’m not sure i its compatible with a lot of phones or not because the Google Chrome for Android isn’t. I’d assume it has a lot of supported phones due to the popularity of the application. This application is only useful on certain connections though.

I should also mention that by sending directions to your phone it will open up Google Maps, an app that is already installed on your device upon purchasing it.

Some phones only have a 3G connection which does not have a constant connection to the internet while a 4G phone does. In this case there may be large delays between sending links and phone numbers from your desktop to your phone if you’re still on a 3G connection. 4G connections should get links and phone numbers instantly if the connection is stable and working. In the case that you do have a 4G connection this app can be extremely useful and helpful for both personal uses and business uses. Even trying to remember a phone number for a dinner reservation is easier with Google Chrome to Phone!

Overall both application and Chrome extension are incredibly stable and work fantastically well. I’m not sure how many people would use this application despite how useful it would be. It’s constantly updated and has some great customer support from Google. Hopefully we’ll be able to see the application integrate with the Chrome mobile application. That would be really cool to see.


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