Review: Fluid Monkey

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Fluid Monkey is simply an amazing application. There’s no goal to it and I wouldn’t really consider it a game per say. It was created by Buzz Monkey Software, LLC and was designed with the goal of trying to “relax” you with incredibly smooth and responsive pools of liquid. I’m really not sure how this relaxes you or how it affects your psychological state, but aside from the “relax” part, what you can do in it is actually pretty cool. It is indeed relaxing but I’d rather say it felt more mesmerizing than anything. In one of their advertisements this game also claims to have beautiful music, it in fact does not. It’s completely silent.

What you do is use your fingers to smear paints, jiggle gelatin or fling brightly colored balls through puddles of mud. Fluid Monkey has tons of different configurations for you to play around with such as things like Friction, Pressure, Speed and Diffusion. With all of that put together and the many different combinations you come up with, what you end up creating by the time you’re done is actually really, really cool. Depending on pre-sets it also could look like water, gelatin or even mud. I guess “look” isn’t the right word. The animation played for the pre-sets helps it feel like those materials, but when you stop moving them around with your finger it’s pretty stable and no longer feels like mud, gelatin or water. It feels like it when you’re performing the action. That’s probably the best way to say it.

What this game or app is really missing is music. This would give the game such a better feel and I am sure would increase how many people were using it. Currently only 1,000+ people have downloaded it, so it’s no where near popular.

I can’t say this is something you would mess around with on a daily basis because there really is no draw to it. Sure, there is a mesmerizing and relaxing aspect. But. There’s nothing to really draw you back in. Although some ads boast the game has thrilling music, it really is supposed to be silent. It’s supposed to relax you with beautiful patterns and textures. Again, I don’t understand how that all works, but it is really cool.

What I really liked about Fluid Monkey is that everything as fluid (no pun intended!). It all ran smoothly even for the masses of different options you could choose from. I know it’s rule is that Silence is Golden and it’s supposed to relax you from that, but I felt leaving out music or something was a huge mistake as it was something I was expecting when I loaded up the application.

I’d probably only suggest this free application if you’re into seeing some of the cool effects it can come up with. Other than that, it really isn’t worth your time.

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