Review: Flipboard

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Though Flipboard isn’t optimized for Tablets, if you’re looking to have a customized magazine you may just enjoy it on your smartphone. Flipboard essentially brings together all the world events, new discoveries and many other cool things all in one place. You could be on lunch break and want to sip a cup of coffee while going through this virtual magazine that you’ve catered to your interests. Flipboard offers different categories for everyone. Some people may choose to have Technology on their Flipboard while others want to keep up on World Events. Flipboard isn’t a “official” magazine either. It’s essentially a bunch of entries from Twitter, The Verge, BCC, USA Today, Instagram, Facebook and much, much more.

You’ll be able to see everything from posts and photos that were shared by friends on Facebook. You can see Instagram photos from your friends, you can see videos that were shared over Twitter or Facebook. There really is a lot to this application. What’s really cool about Flipboard is that there’s a lot of inspiration on there too. Especially if you’re following the Photos & Design category.  You will find a lot of cool things in that category (top 10 beautiful photos from Bangkok anyone?).

You may have not thought of this, but people also put up photography tutorials on Flipboard too. You’ll find out who to do things like perfecting your lighting or just figuring out how to say goodbye to shutter speed on cameras . Not only that, but you’ll be able to read cool stories such as India’s First Female Photojournalist. Honestly, it’s not very often you won’t find something cool or inspiring to read about on Flipboard. I should also mention that you’ll be able to find great deals on items that others have found through Amazon or some other website. There are many people that report price drops and then talk about the new camera they just purchased. If you’re not sure about purchasing a camera, don’t worry, Flipboard has a bunch of reviews available too!

Really all Flipboard is, is a magazine built by a community of members. Most everyone can add something o Flipboard as long as you have an account with them. You won’t be able to add things as an anonymous user, you will be able to look at all the different entries posted though.

As I was digging through this application of never-ending entries I did begin to notice that the overall performance of Flipboard was fantastic. I haven’t had it crash on me yet like another application that is sort of similar to this(*cough* Springpad… *cough*).

For a free application Flipboard is pretty dang amazing. There’s lots of inspiration and is often a lot better than your average news website like CNN or just regular blogs. Having the option to look at news in a touch of a button and then look at photos with the touch of a button is really awesome to have. I like that I don’t have to Google search inspiring photos to look for some cool photos that someone took recently.

I highly suggest this application, especially if you’ve got some time to waste!

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