Review: Flight Control

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $0.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

If you’re looking for some flight action, you may just be interested in the Arcade focused game called Flight Control by Namco Networks. The game was first on iOS for the longest time before it was rebuilt for an Android port. Now, Flight Control is one of the most addicting games on the Android operating system. I first played this game about half a year ago on an iPad at a best buy. It was very addictive and quite difficult to pull myself away. I was very excited to find out just recently that it was also on Google Play!

The goal of the is to Land airplanes whilst avoiding collisions from larger airplanes. It get really additive really fast. Often I find myself found very immersed in this game. The $0.99 they want you to shell out for the game is nothing in comparison to how many hours you’ll be spending on Flight Control. Sure, landing planes sounds kind of boring and it’s not for everyone of course, but I mean it when I say this game is absolutely addicting.

The game only takes a moment to learn. You guide aircraft to their landing zones, it sounds easy and all but you’re really going to need some strategy and even a keen eye to alter certain flight paths to keep all the chaos under control. The logic behind how many planes are at one airport is ridiculous, but it does make for some fun gameplay.

What players will enjoy the most about this game is when the difficulty starts increasing drastically. I found that at first, the game was really easy and I was beginning to feel it wasn’t worth the purchase. I continued to play and soon enough things started picking up speed and became really, really difficult. This game has killed a ton of time for me and by the time I was done playing I always had to do “one” more game before actually shutting it off.

The diversity of the levels is also nice. I like the different environments that the game offers.  For $0.99 there is a whole lot of content packed into this application. Obviously the graphics are nothing revolutionary or advanced. I’d consider them to be quite minimalistic though. They’re okay though, this game was never meant to be a top of the line game powered by graphics from the Unreal Engine or something crazy like that.

As for performance, everything was pretty standard. It ran well, I had it crash on me a couple times but after that it was very stable and ran smoothly (I also rebooted my device if that helped any). This game isn’t something I would play everyday, but it is a fun and addicting arcade game to play every so often. I wouldn’t suggest it to those who like fast paced gameplay though. Flight Control is rather slow and only picks up when there’s lot of planes on the map.

Everything in the game is very well developed and I was very impressed at the overall quality of the game.

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