Review: ESPN Radio

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Price: Free

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If you’re looking for a way to keep up to date on the latest ESPN sports news the ESPN Radio application created by ESPN Inc. You can listen to over 35 live ESPN Stations across the United States. ESPN Radio also offers live play-by-play during current games for your favorite college and professional sports teams across America. Not only that, but ESPN Radio also will allow you to listen to many of the different podcasts they put on. You may be familiar with podcasts like “The B.S Report,” “Pardon the Interruption” and “Around the Horn.” The application will also allow you to listen to the live ESPN shows like Mike in the Morning, The Michael Kay show and many, many more options.

I’m not a huge sports fan, but there are a few teams I like to keep up with. I figured that downloading this application would help me keep up with all the latest news about that team and it does. It also doesn’t. I can guarantee that this isn’t my phone’s data connection but a problem with the ESPN Radio application itself. I can barely ever connect to the radio through the application. I’ve lost the connection to the radio stream over 10 times within an hour. I’ve never had an issue with this through other radio applications or even Pandora and Google Music.

The ESPN Radio app also claims that this issue has nothing to do with the data connectivity but claims it’s an audio problem. It’s not likely that the speakers in your phone just decided to short out and in the rare case that it did I don’t think it would bother to notify you of that issue. Aside from that, many, many users have reported this same issue. I’m not the only one having the problem.

I thought the idea of having an ESPN application to stay up to date on everything was a fantastic idea. I was very saddened to find out that it didn’t work properly. Sure it works for a bit, but disconnecting over 10 times in one hour is ridiculous and makes it almost worthless to even bother listening into the the stations. Some users have said that tuning into the main station (whichever that one happens to be) works most of the time. Whether or not other stations around the United States will get fixed, we don’t know nor has ESPN said anything on the matter.

Overall It’s a decent application, it just needs a lot of work. If they could get things patched up and back in working order I think they would have a lot of users using the ESPN Radio. Right now though, there’s no way that it’s any good condition nor is it deemed worthy of being a “quality” application. ESPN really needs to get this fixed and fast before their application starts getting way to many bad reviews. Letting it go like this and just letting one star reviews pule up is a terrible move.

I don’t recommend getting this app. You can try seeing if it works for yourself, the application is free so there is nothing to lose.

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