Review: Empire Defense

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Empire Defense is what the title implies. It’s your standard tower defense with it’s own Medieval theme to it. The game is created by developer, Good Team and has some rave reviews. Empire Defense supports Android 1.6 and up. It’s cool that it has a lot of compatibility with many devices but I wasn’t sure how well the game would go considering how terrible Gem Miner was. To my surprise, everything was very stable and was performing very, very well. Empire Defense has a little over 5,000 5 star reviews and minimal bad reviews.

As I said, the game is your standard Tower Defense game. If you’re not familiar with Tower Defense, essentially all you’re doing is building towers to defeat waves of enemies before they reach their end point. After defeating these enemies you often get coins back for killing them. With those coins you build up your towers and also upgrade them. Towers will need to be constantly upgraded to make sure you’re able to defeat the full and complete wave. Often there is no reward at the end of the game, at least not a lasting one. It’s often just a high score. Either that or said Tower Defense was just meant to be a quick time killer which is the case for most of them.

The graphics are very pixelized and aren’t your standard High Resolution 720p graphics. For the time the game was released in, this is understandable (Android 1.6 was quite awhile ago…) and they even redeem themselves with the sequel, Empire Defense 2. Surprisingly this application has a lot of different features I wouldn’t expect a game for Android 1.6 to have. It comes with things like App to SD (moving your app to the sd card) and  9 kinds of towers with more than twenty different levels to name a few.

The negative part of this game? When or even if you reach level 83 the game will constantly crash. Some users have said it’s even wrecked their phone to the point that they needed a new phone. I haven’t had this issue as I never even bothered to get to level 83. I stopped around level 25. The game is great in the sense that it’s a standard tower defense and that’s all you should expect. Sure it has some cool features, but it’s still your standard Tower Defense and nothing more than that.

The game is cool, I wasn’t a huge fan of its pixelized graphics though. It’s understandable why they have pixelized graphics, but as a personal preference, they were terrible. Empire Defense is an awesome time passer but nothing I would suggest playing in longer sessions. Depending on what you’re doing, like sitting in a lobby waiting for your next plane, the game is fun and often mind melting.

Would I suggest this game to others? Probably not. I’d be more likely to suggest Empire Defense 2 where they improve upon a ton of features and have an overall graphical improvement. Tower Defenses are fun, but not enough fun to play constantly.


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