Review: Empire Defense 2

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Empire Defense 2 is much better than it’s predecessor. Not only that, but it’s gotten at least 30 times more popularity than the original game. What does the game do that’s different from it’s previous game though? There are many things and among those things is an online Player vs Player system. The only problem with the Player vs Player is that it’s nigh impossible to finish the 80 different stages. It eventually gets boring but does outlast the singleplayer with the multi player aspect to the game.

Weapons are upgradable which makes the game really good. That is, if the quest gold wasn’t as hard as it is to get right now. Getting a decent amount of gold is only possible if you’re able to play this game day after day, hour after hour. I really think their system for earning gold needs to be revised. It’s a minor criticism though, all the improvements on the game they have done has been amazing.

The new and enhanced graphics have been especially awesome. They no longer feel like pixel graphics. It now has a 3D rich, stylistic feel to it. Speaking of graphics, the added effects has been beautiful. The studio, Good Team, is trying its best to make Empire Defense 2 one of the best strategy games available on Android devices. They are doing just that. With that said, I actually think this surpassed the fun level that Sentinel 3: Homeworld had. This could be just because of how much of a fan of the Medieval age I am, but then again, the games overall quality is great.

In the game you’ll have one of several different unique heroes to choose from. These heroes are basically only there to plan your defense. Once the enemy launches there attack you can also group a bunch of different heroes together. Some really,really bad bugs have basically ruined the game but the developers have stayed faithful to their statement on wanting to make this the best strategy game on the Android market. They’ve squashed those bugs so the game is in perfect condition again.

The game has some poor English but is easily overlooked with the fun of the gameplay. This one isn’t your standard Tower Defense. It is a Tower Defense, but a Tower Defense with a twist. It was very well designed and the overall quality work that went into the game I think is really paying off.

In terms of the performance and overall quality of the game, I have to say that I truly am impressed with what they’ve done.  If there’s any problems with the game Good Team Studios’ tech support is awesome. They’re very, very friendly too. Not only that, but their responses are very fast, so you won’t be waiting weeks on end to get an answer to your problems.

Overall, it’s a great game. It’s also free with a few in-app purchases which aren’t needed to play the game. You’ll only need to spend money if you so wish, but I do have to warn you that the in-app purchases are very expensive. Besides that, I do suggest giving this game a look.

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