Review: Dropbox

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Dropbox is another cloud based storage client that you can upload files to from your computer. Dropbox has a very unique system of doing things, but since Google Drive has come along I felt like it’s worth reviewing Dropbox. Google Drive and Dropbox are essentially the same thing and to be honest, Google probably does the cloud storage better than Dropbox due to the amount of resources they have. Still, even though Google Drive has released Dropbox is still one of the top cloud based storage applications. Google Drive hasn’t completely destroyed them just yet (if Google decides to destroy them, I’m sure they would just buy their company).

Both Google Drive and Dropbox have some fantastic syncing capabilities.In this area, I think Dropbox does it better just because it’s been out a lot longer and always improving on it. The only time I have had issues with it is when I for some reason, wasn’t logged into Dropbox on my laptop. That made grabbing files off of the cloud server pretty dang difficult considering it was things I uploaded from another device. Google Drive essentially does the same thing when it comes to Syncing but again, isn’t as developed because it’s only been out a little while now.

Uploading files on Dropbox is as simple as putting files in the folder. Same thing with Google Drive. It’s all very easy to do and easy for anyone to understand. I think that most people would choose Dropbox over Google Drive even after giving Google Drive a try because they already have all their files up on Dropbox. The only thing is, Dropbox gives you a certain amount of free space without a subscription so using both Google Drive and Dropbox may save you some money if you distribute your files between the two services. That could also be a bad thing if you don’t like having your resources and files all over the place instead of just one designated client.

If you’d like to know my opinion though, Google Drive will probably take over in the future. They have a lot more resources than Dropbox has, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they took over the cloud storage industry or even just bought out Dropbox. I’m sure a lot of people would agree with me on that too.

My experience overall is that both apps have no issues aside from some slowness here and there. Overall though, there has been no issues and everything has been very fast in the speed department. It’s very easy to access files once uploading them so it’s very convenient. If you’re also trying to share files constantly for your news website both Dropbox and Google Drive are good for that. Again, the only difference between the two is that one’s been out longer and have had more time to improve their service while the other is more new.

I recommend looking at both of these apps to try and find a preference and then download their respective clients for the PC or Laptop. Both applications are free aside from services they ask that you subscribe to if you need more space.