Review: Doodle Jump

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $0.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Doodle Jump is another casual game that was created by top developer, GameHouse. This game as it implies, appeals to those who are into arcade high score style games or even just casual games in general. This game does not take a lot of time nor does it take a lot of strategy or thinking. One thing that may turn users away is its $0.99 for an arcade game. Then again, Doodle Jump was one of the best selling games on iTunes and has made its way to Android. With that said, Doodle Jump has really made a name for itself on Google Play with over 30,000 positive reviews and climbing rapidly. Doodle Jump has been claimed one of the most addictive games on Google Play. Addictive does not even begin to explain how addictive the game is.

The one thing about this game is that GameHouse really screwed it over when they supposedly “updated” Doodle Jump to a “better” version with new themes and levels. They didn’t just update the game, they completely wrecked it. The game is now very sluggish making it nigh impossible to reach a decent high score. Not only that but the boundaries of the game were also screwed up in the update. Besides the character running slow so he can’t reach high platforms, platforms actually stay far away from the edges and the pause menu is running off of the screen.

Users are reporting that the update also erased high score data. Google Play reviewers are very angry and are making their voice heard on the Feedback section of Doodle Jump. What’s happened is for some reason in the process of updating the content, it somehow broke the core parts of the game.  The developer hasn’t commented on whether they will be fixing this issue or not. I hope they do as it was a really fun game to play. Currently though, it’s terrible.

As for graphics, they are your standard arcade graphics. You won’t be experiencing anything revolutionary in this game. The soundtrack also isn’t very original. In fact it’s kind of terrible. Both the graphics and the sound are not original whatsoever. That aside, it’s easy to get past with the super fun gameplay (before they broke it). The graphics are okay, it’s just not original at all. As for the sound? I feel that needs a complete makeover. Again, it’s not very good at all.

Overall, (aside from the bugs) the game is awesome if you’re a casual gamer or really enjoy Arcade games. I don’t know if this game has Open Feint capabilities or not, I didn’t see any but it is possible that I missed it. I think it was a wrong move to not include Open Feint as there would be tons of people using that service. Who knows, it’s possible that it may even boost Doodle Jump’s sales and popularity even?

I recommend getting this game once they fix the issues with it. They really broke the fun of the game with this past update. I hope they get it fixed as soon as possible.


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