Review: Dead Space

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $6.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

You may be familiar with the series, “Dead Space” for PC’s and consoles. What you may have not known is that Dead Space is also available for Android tablets and select smartphones. Dead Space for Android truly lives up to it’s statement when it says that “Once you’ve played, this sci-fi horror masterpiece will truly change the way you think about Android games.” Once you’ve played this game, it’s hard to go back to the others. Dead Space isn’t your average “horror” whether it’s on other systems or Android. When I was playing it, I saw it more as a dark sci-fi with a pretty amazing story to play through.

The gameplay is awesome. Shooting and murdering monstrous beasts is a lot of fun. That may just be a personal opinion depending on who you are though. Many of you are probably more worried about the controls with the type of game this is. Have no fear though! Electronic Arts, the developer of this masterpiece, has made sure the controls are not awkward but are intuitive so that you can easily focus on all the action. I can promise you that the controls don’t feel awkward at all and are very easy to use. They seemed to have put a lot of focus on making the controls seamless and less awkward for a lot of different users.

The soundtrack is simply beautiful. I haven’t experienced such amazing music in an Android game with this much quality in quite a while. They did a great job designing it and unlike my past reviews where I said the sound has made the game feel awkward and unfitting, this is not that type of game. The soundtrack is literally perfect for the game. I couldn’t believe how well done it was. It is a larger company that developed the game, so I guess you should be expecting some dang good features, but sometimes big companies also let you down.

The graphics are not just great, but amazing. It’s all very detailed and the effects are wicked sweet. The only downside to having such high powered graphics on a smartphone is that your battery is going to die really fast. Obviously the graphics don’t look as wicked as the console or PC versions, but for an Android device it looks pretty sweet. So far I haven’t found a way to turn the graphics down to reduce battery usage. I’m sure playing while it’s plugged in won’t be a issue though.

The game does have a hefty $6.99 price points with a download of 2.8mb and a whole lot more data in-game. I suggest downloading everything over Wi-Fi because this game is like the Dark Knight Rises in terms of data and maybe even a whole lot more. Overall the game plays well. It’s very stable and fluid. The only thing that’s a current issue is support for certain devices like the Droid X2 and so on. I guess that’s not really an issue as Electronic Arts is working hard to make sure they’re supporting most devices available.

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