Review: Chrome for Android BETA

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

There are a lot of browsers out there and sometimes it’s very hard to choose which one to use. In my case right now, I use Firefox because it is my preference and rarely has any issues. If there is an issue it gets fixed fast. That’s usually the case for Google Chrome thus making it a huge competitor with Mozilla Firefox. With that said, Google has a Chrome application for Android! It was first on iOS for the longest time and now I’ve found it on android. This isn’t the latest news of course, it’s been here a while but the majority of users haven’t been able to see that it’s on Google Play because it’s not supported for their phone (you can’t see applications that’s not supported for your phone nor can you change a setting to show all applications even if it’s not supported).

Google Chrome is fast and faster than Firefox I would argue. The one most annoying thing you’ll come across though is that Google Chrome for Android isn’t supported for a lot of phones. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and just say it’s because it’s currently in beta for Android. If you’re not able to get the free Google Chrome application Firefox might be a better alternative. Right now, Google Chrome for Android isn’t the fastest browser (the desktop version is and has been proven) yet. I can guarantee that it will be as they get further along in development though. Google Chrome offers a lot of stability and good performance when it comes to loading web pages which is great. They’ve been advertising that Chrome is all about speed and performance though, and there isn’t a whole lot of speed there. It feels average. Sure, it’s in beta, we can give it that, but there are hundreds of thousands of people downloading it not realizing it’s even in beta. The speed should of been there even before they released it on Google Play.

It’s a good application, it opens very quickly. Some users have reported that after watching videos that were coded into webpages with HTML5 that pages become unbearably slow to load and sometimes even crashes the web browser. I haven’t experienced this myself (nor do I want to) but I do understand why that would frustrate users if they didn’t understand that Chrome was still in beta.

I’m not going to give a complete review over this app because as it says, Chrome is still in beta for Android. I’d rather just say in it’s current state it’s a decent browser and is definitely soon to be a competitor with Firefox’s mobile browser once they work out the kinks. I see a ton of potential with this browser, there is so much they could do that Firefox can’t. I really hope they start supporting more phones soon too, a lot of people are missing out on a pretty dang good app that’s slowly coming down the pipeline.


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