Review: Block Rogue

Available On: Android

Price: $0.99

Download: Google Play

Block Rogue by Buzz Monkey Software, LLC is essentially just another puzzle game with a 2D twist to it. It definitely isn’t like a lot of other puzzle games that are currently on Google Play, but I found it to be quite fun and thrilling to play. The puzzles were actually challenging and weren’t something someone just decided they’d mock up and throw in the game. It is a 2D game so it doesn’t have the high quality and high definition graphics that you would see in games like Amazing Alex or some other titles. This game is something that I don’t think children would be able to figure out, so this may not be a title for them.

A lot of puzzle games would only boast of eighty or so levels in their game. Black Rogue boasts of having “hundreds of mind-bending puzzles,” so there’s no need to worry about every running out on puzzles and challenges to complete. Some different environments you’ll come across include a massive labyrinthine, dungeon and there may just be a “dark mystery” waiting for you to solve at the end of the game. If you make it that long at least.

Obviously this game isn’t something you’re going to finish in one session. If you think you’re good at puzzles and this game will only take you a couple hours to finish, you’re wrong (unless you have a lot of time on your hands). This game will take days and possibly weeks to finish. I haven’t seen one person that said they were done with it yet. It’s that large.

Block Rogue has a few options to help you along your way though. If you make a wrong move they have an undo button at the ready along with both a reset button and a new mode button. The Undo and Reset button are pretty self-explanatory. All the New Mode button does is allows you to start the game over.

Block Rogue also boasts of randomly generated levels. That means each level you go through you’ll be experiencing a different puzzle. The puzzles themselves aren’t random but the levels are, so each time you beat one you’ll be experiencing a different one. If you restart the game, you won’t get the same levels you got when you first started out. That’s honestly a pretty cool feature of the game. Not playing the same thing over and over again is always a nice feature.

Progress is also automatically saved so you won’t have to worry about saving or exiting the level without saving you progress. Overall the games performance is very fluid and ends up moving along nicely. Sometimes the game progresses pretty slowly but it picks up every few levels. I’d recommend the game if you’re deep into puzzles. This game has hundreds of puzzles to go through and therefore will keep you busy for quite a while.

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