Review: Beautiful Widgets

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $2.49

Download: Google Play

Beautiful Widgets is essentially the same thing as HD Widgets. The only thing is, Beautiful Widgets is more expensive (by 50 cents, to be exact) and has a lot more issues than what HD Widgets has had. The Clock in the widget for some reasons sticks for no apparent reason but as of late, that seems to have been corrected. After this issue, they only seem to have started responding to users comments on Google Play. That I hope they stay doing, it’s very essential when this app has so many problems that the developers are constantly listening to the communities comments.

The clock looks amazing in this application, I’d argue that it looks a lot better than what the HD Widgets offers right now, but it fails to keep the correct time. What I like about HD Widgets is that the developers there actually make sure that the Widgets are working before releasing new Widgets to the public. The developers that make Beautiful Widgets though? They don’t do that at all. Another criticism I have for this app is that there is no Clock only option.

Lately what’s been happening with Beautiful Widgets is that the application actually force closes on itself. I run Gingerbread and it’s doing this constantly. Other users have said that even after updating to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich the problem persists. There’s been a semi solution to the problem. It now no longer force closes on you as long as you make sure you don’t tap the 5-day forecast. I just have to say that this is terrible quality. I don’t understand why they even released the application with so many bugs.

After the latest update the list widget has seemed to gone transparent. The last few updates they’ve done have seemed to create more problems than fix them. The drop down list is actually now unreadable. It seems like these changes are just “features” and if they are “features,” it’s terrible! I couldn’t suggest this application to anyone. Every time they release a “fix” it just creates more issues with the application. I am very disappointed with the quality of this application and though the widgets look better than HD Widgets, HD Widgets does a better job in terms of performance. Not only do they offer great performance, but the widgets still look really slick.

Overall this application has been terrible for me. There are some rumors that today’s  updates have fixed most of the bugs that I described. I’m waiting to see some reviews before I decide to update though. I do not by any means recommend this application to anyone. Instead, I suggest checking out my review on HD Widgets, a much better application performance wise.

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