Review: Aldiko

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Amazon may not be to your liking for an e-Reader, in that case, the Barnes and Noble Nook probably isn’t to your liking either. You may just want to look for a standard application that just allows you to read e-Books without any special formatting or extra aesthetics. The Aldiko book reader has its own shop so you’ll be able to buy books from there, but that’s the only part I would consider to be aesthetic. It’s not obligatory to buy from their store (it does not have a lot of books anyway, so chances you’ll find anything good is pretty rare).

If you’re looking for a sort of aesthetic view, Aldiko offers a “Shelf View” which allows you to look at your books with a really well designed shelf. If you prefer the minimalistic view you can look at the books in the “List View,” which as it says, just shows your books in a list with a few facts about the book such as the title, author, rating and publication date. This way Aldiko appeals to both that are looking for an aesthetic and minimalistic look. There’s a couple reasons why I don’t really like Aldiko as a e-book reader though.

One of those reasons is that, as far as I know, there is no way to bookmark your spot. I tried bookmarking a page a few times and I always had to start over and find that page. E-Readers usually provide easy access to books while I saw that Aldiko did not. It’s kind of annoying having to flip through a few hundred pages to find your spot at the end of the book. I also don’t like how you can’t highlight pieces of text. Amazon and the Barnes and Noble nook applications are extremely useful when it comes to highlighting lines of text and then looking up words in that lines of text if you don’t understand what said word means.

The other thing that I do like about Aldiko is that it allows you to search through the Android system files for books in the .pdf or .epub format.  This is extremely useful in the case that your just transferring a .pdf file off of your computer and onto your Android device. The plus to this is that you can just have any book on your Android device while both the Amazon and Barnes and Noble Nook applications require you to have it attached to your account.

Overall it’s a good application if you’re just looking for a decent e-Book reader. It’s definitely no Amazon Kindle or Nook e-Reader with all the cool features, it will get you the minimalist feel that you be looking for. The application is also free like most e-Book applications, so that may also grab your interest.

UPDATE: I’d like to just say that there is a dictionary and highlighting features, just fairly difficult to find and use.

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