Review: Advanced Task Manager


Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

If your phone does not have a Task Manager and you notice that your phone is really beginning to drag along you may want to look into getting yourself a task killer or “Task Manager.” Essentially what it does is shuts down all your currently running applications that you tell it to shut down. It will then shut off the applications completely and will then make your phone run smoother. Not only that but it’ll also give you a lot more time on your phone since killing the applications also save the battery levels. One of the applications that I thought worked really well for this is called “Advanced Task Manager.” It was developed by INFOLIFE LCC and is a free application.

Advanced Task Manager has a few cool features that will also help you as you go on with your day. If you don’t have time to keep killing the applications you use, you can set up the Advanced Task Manager to regularly kill applications or even auto kill them every time the screen turns off. You could also just tell it to kill a bunch of applications on startup. The only problem with the regular app shutdown or scheduled application shut down is that it takes up a lot of battery. In that case, you mine as well not use the scheduled shutdown unless you tell it to have a scheduled shutdown once a day instead of every hour or so.

One cool thing with the Advanced Task Manager is that it actually has a widget to put on your home screen. This widget will allow you to kill all the tasks or applications that are currently running on the phone without having to go into the Advanced Task Manager application to do it all. Advanced Task Manager also tells you have much memory you’re freeing up after killing the applications. I’m often sitting at a free 300mb of memory before killing tasks. That usually goes up to around 500mb after killing my running applications. Often I don’t notice a difference in performance unless my free memory is really low. I do notice a difference in battery life most of the time though. Getting rid of both Facebook and Twitter running in the background of my phone is usually very beneficial. Of course, if you use both Facebook and Twitter for job purposes, that just may not be a good idea.

Often it’s hard to tell if these applications actually work. Using Advanced Task Manager I have noticed a difference in battery life. I usually prefer to use the built-in Task Manager as it individually tells you what applications are running and how much memory they are currently taking up.

The overall performance of Advanced Task Manager is great. It’s very fast too. The built-in Task Manager usually takes a bit longer to get rid of applications but that could be because it looks a bit deeper in the system. Advanced Task Manager is free too, so if you don’t already have a Task Manager, you might just want to look into this one!