Resale Market Spikes After Apple Victory, Lowers Prices of Samsung Devices

Apple’s billion-dollar victory over Samsung due to the latter’s patent infringement has not only affected Apple and Samsung, but also other companies that are directly or indirectly connected with these two tech giants.

One area that has felt immediate impact is the Samsung device resale market. MarketWatch, for instance, announced that, a company that purchases used devices to resell them has registered a 50% increase of Samsung Android devices being traded in. Following the law of supply in demand, this spike in the supply of Samsung devices has prompted the lowering of its prices. In the case of, they had seen a decrease of 10%. predicts that tendency this will go on for some time. and have reported experiences similar to that described by further observes that the resale value for the iPhone is often better than the ones for Android devices. This had been the case even prior to the jury’s decision.

A case in point would be the Samsung Galaxy S II. The device is currently available for the price of $199 that ties users to a two-year contract. This is the same price of the 16GB iPhone 4S. However, the price of a secondhand Galaxy S II on is $90. This is nowhere near the $300 price of the iPhone on the same website. This trend is expected by some to cause the widening gap between the iPhone and Android devices to increase even further.

Given these circumstances, however, Android phones continue to offer features that are not present on the iPhone. For one thing, as MarketWatch points out, many Android devices have screens larger than the iPhone. The iPhone’s display spans 3.5 inches while the Samsung Galaxy S III has one that measures 4.8 inches. They also promise more talk time. As a case in point, the Droid Razr Maxx offers 21.5 hours compared to the the eight hours offered the iPhone on 3G.

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