Report Tells HTML5 Use Gaining Steady Support

A blog published by research company Forrester said that it is now high time for companies to take advantage of what HTML5 can offer to modern web browsers. HTML5-enabled browsers is slowly but surely becoming the standard for web experience as more and more companies like Apple, Rue La La, Best Buy, and Four Seasons to name a few, are embracing the technology by using some of its features on their desktop sites. The blog showcases the positive trends in browser adoption and how companies can take advantage of the new functionality.

Forrester addressed the key issue of how far HTML5 has penetrated the market of web browsers today. By presenting the current marketshare statistics for browsers, the company says that 83 percent of users in Europe and 75 percent in North America are running browsers that can support majority of the feature set of HTML5. The rapid penetration of HTML5-enabled browsers was observed sometime between the second quarter of 2011 and the second quarter of this year, when it grew from 57 percent to 75 percent.

The HTML standard has been revised several times and HTML5 is the fifth. HTML5 features specific rules that allows creative placement of format of text, video, audio, and graphics on a Web page.  Tech experts say it is the next generation of formatting language to create documents on the Web.

As more users embrace the use of web browsers around the world, the pace of innovation among browser developers has also increased significantly. New standards are being developed fast compared to the previous standards many years ago. Aggressive approaches to maximize the impact of a new technology can be seen among many web browser vendors as they try to adjust their product releases.

The report of Forrester iterated that the adoption of the new standard will not cost much for sites as the CSS3 and HTML5 features can be implemented incrementally. The company also says that there’s a growing availability of compatibility libraries that can help the adoption of HTML5 features faster.

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