Report Indicates That Samsung Resales Are Taking Over the Market Since Last Week’s Verdict In The Apple vs Samsung Trial

This lawsuit that Apple won this past week is really benefiting Samsung in the long run. After a recent study had pointed out that the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone gained its popularity by selling out in Costco stores around the world and AT&T reporting that the handset was outselling the iPhone since the verdict last week, another study has pointed out that Samsung users are actually reselling their smartphones like the predecessor of the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy S II in massive amounts. According to the online retailer, Gazelle, there has actually been “a 50 percent increase in sold-in Samsung phones,” which supposedly caused a “10 percent drop in prices for these devices.” What future users of Samsung devices will love to hear is that the cost of the device (Galaxy S II) is likely to drop even further, especially with more resells of various Samsung handsets and the arrival of Apple’s iPhone 5 later this month. A random sample of the cost of the Samsung Galaxy S II as an example is currently ranging from $80 to $116, depending on what the Galaxy S II’s condition is in. On the flip side of things, an Apple iPhone 4 is averaging $200, while the iPhone 4S is averaging $300. If I were you, I’d go with the Galaxy S II if you were to purchase it from a resale site like eBay.

This could really just be the classic case of an analyst jumping the gun. The Galaxy S II is no doubt a really good phone, but it’s also aging technology that really should be out of stores in the next couple of months. A more stronger and likely argument is that due to the announcement of the Galaxy Note II, the masses of people are selling their old Galaxy S II’s in anticipation of the Galaxy Note II handset. It’s just interesting that this report is coming right after the announcement of many different new Samsung phones with the most notable one being the Galaxy Note II handset.

Any thoughts on this recent study? I personally think that it has to deal with both factors. The Galaxy S III increased sales are obviously a fact since that was before the Note II announcement, but the Galaxy S II sales come right after that. So I can only presume that both cases are factoring into this new study.

Are you going to be selling your Galaxy S II in anticipation of the Note II?

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source: Talk Android