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Release Of New Tablet From Dell And HP Running Windows RT This October

Dell and HP have joined together to create a new tablet running the latest ARM-powered Windows RT operating system. The projected launch will be this coming October, according to the latest rumor from a reputable supply chain in Asia.

There has been many speculations on what hardware vendors will eventually release tablets using the latest Windows RT OS – the first Microsoft operating system based on chips designed by ARM, a British company that also supplies chip technology to Apple’s iPad.

According to the rumor, Microsoft wants high quality hardware vendor to use its new Windows RT cutting the list of vendors to six.

HTC has been excluded from the list due to its inexperience in making tablets, according to the report.

HP and Dell are rumored to release the new tablets on October 26, with HP units running Texas instrument chips, while Dell using Qualcomm’s.

There has been conflicting reports from China last week mentioning that Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Texas Instruments had each been told by Microsoft  they could pick up to two vendors. That rumor said that Qualcomm had chosen HP and Samsung, Texas instruments would be partnering with Toshiba, and Nvidia picking up Lenovo and Acer.

Well, there are still no official word from companies involve in this latest rumor twirl but time will tell who will get it right and which manufacturer will have their work properly cut out to have lasting impression on the market.

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