Raved Arrives on Android

A new app called Raved has recently been made available for Android users after being on iOS devices since last month. On iOS, Raved had already gotten over 250,000 users.

Raved allows users to share their personal recommendations about food, places, and deals in establishments with friends. Essentially, it works with some features of other social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp, and Foursquare. Raved pulls content from these websites such as their friends’ likes on Facebook as well as their check-ins on Foursquare. Then, it organizes the data into a photo-heavy user interface that summarizes the information into an informative yet user-friendly format.

From the other social networks, the app takes content like links, photos, store hours, as well as promos, and brings them to the Raved app. Raved strives for simplicity in the recommendation process and requires users to just tap a button to share what they like. There is no need to give a star rating or give a review that describes the experience to create a “Rave.” Users, however, can include Tips with their “Raves” explaining why they liked a particular hotel, spa, or shop. On the flipside, users can ask for these tips if they want more information from someone who raved about an experience. The app likewise allows users to identify the places that their friends like that are near their personal location. There is a bookmark feature that helps users remember the places or deals they want to try.

The app does not require users to follow other users or enter places to enjoy its features unlike most other social networking offerings. Rather, it integrates the list of contacts from one’s friends on the other social networks.

Available for free at Google Play, Raved has a minimum requirement of Android 2.2 to function. It accesses the information about one’s location, Internet access, phone status, and requires permission to write on the SD card.

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