Pre-Alpha Jelly Bean Released for HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1), First Android Powered Phone Ever

Are you worried that your dual core, one year old smartphone might not get an official Jelly Bean upgrade from your carrier because the software was supposedly “not supported” by the supposed “outdated” hardware? We all know that’s the statement for “we’re not making anymore money off of those phones” and if you doubt that, there’s solid evidence to prove otherwise.

The HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) is the device that began all of this madness. It was the first ever Android powered phone in history. In September 2008 the Dream was introduced and was powered by Android 1.0, which very quickly turned into Android 1.1 and then into 1.5 Cupcake. The last official software update to ever hit the HTC Dream or “T-Mobile G1” was 1.6 Donut. Thanks to some of the superb work by the independent developers over at XDA Developers, the HTC Dream has been kept alive to this day. What was really unbelievable was that the G1 was running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich back in November of 2011. It was even more unbelievable once we looked at the specs of the device. It ran a 528 MHz ARM 11 CPU (shocking, right?).

Whether it be to prove manufacturers wrong or if the HTC Dream is just close to developers’ hearts, it’s now been treated to the lovely Android 4.1 Jelly Bean port. Keep in mind, it’s unofficial and semi-function at this moment. SoCal Devs is the name of the team behind the making of this ROM. They’ve really probed that there are no barriers to upgrading “old hardware.”

As you would probably suspect, the Jelly Bean powered HTC Dream is buggy, glitchy pretty dang unstable and lags like crazy, but who actually cares? The port actually works and really, SoCal Devs were the only ones willing to give it a shot. Aside from that, the build is only in pre-alpha, so a lot of the lag and unstable areas will probably get worked out as they go further on with development.

If you own a HTC Dream by any chance, you can download the CyanogenMod 10 based build over on the XDA Developers Forum thread at the source link on the bottom of the article. On the link you’ll see an install guide with all the instructions and guidelines that you’ll need to know for rooting, flashing and access to the zip file of the pre-alpha ROM.

Though the pre-alpha is currently very unstable, it’s actually very impressive as to how many working features there actually are. If you own a HTC Dream or “G1” we know you’ll want to take this pre-alpha for a spin. You’ll especially want to see the very high powered Google Now on this “outdated” hardware. Right now the Cellular data is the most important feature that is currently not working in the port. A update that should be released in the very near future should fix that issue completely though.

If your phone’s warranty isn’t already voided, keep in mind that flashing this will void the warranty. It’s very likely that you don’t have a warranty on it, but you still need to be really careful when you move from Donut to Jelly Bean so you don’t brick your phone and thus, wreck the first Android powered phones that probably or could have sentimental value.

source: XDA Developers


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