Pinterest Releases Updated Apps for Android and iOS

The next big thing after Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest, after gaining immense ‘pin-interest’ on web has paved its way into smartphones as well.

Pinterest officially announced the launch of new updated apps for Android, iPad and iPhones. Pinterest in its blog post said that though it may sound ironic but their main goal was never to keep people online. In fact, they want to inspire people but to go offline and do things they like.

The company says it would now be easy for people to carry their interests and pin them down on the go. By launching updated apps for Android and iOS, they hope to circumscribe most of their users.

Pinterest also expressed that their app has been designed keeping in mind the main-stream audience. The company promised that the app would work smoothly on all Android tablets and smartphones, regardless of their speed, CPU or screen size. The company says that they had released the Android app on popular demand and that they were confident that their app would exceed people’s expectations. Android users can download the app from

For iPad users, it would be the best Pinterest experience yet. The app offers delightful new ways to discover pins. You can now resume browsing after pinning, by simply swiping the screen. You can also see what others are pinning from your embedded browser.

For iPhone users, the 2-column layout has been introduced which allows users to see more pins quickly and get back to their work.

For people who are not on these platforms, they can access Pinterest from the mobile site:

The goal of launching these apps as mentioned by Pinterest was to enable people to pin their interests wherever they go. No longer do you need to be seated in front of your computer screens to do what you like.

Hmm. Pinteresting!

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