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Pinterest Finally Hits Google Play Store

Pinterest has seen a huge boost in popularity this past year. It’s seen even more after Pinterest became open for all users instead of being an invitation only service. We’re under the impression that it was invitation only for a while to make sure their servers could handle influxes of people at any given moment. That said, many people are using Pinterest to show off what they like or that cool new dress they saw at the store that they may just really want. To even it up a little, I’ve seen guys that are really interested in politics and history that have pinned things about George Washington or updates on President Obama’s new bill he wants to pass. Pinterest has all sorts of topics and you can even make your own, thus, it appeals to really almost everyone.

With the huge boost in popularity, it was only natural that users would want an app for the social media giant. Everyone is using smartphones and tablets, people are using their dedicated PC’s and Laptops less, thus it’s only natural that they would want an official application. Pinterest has been on iOS for the longest time, it’s made numerous Android users very jealous. But. Now it’s time that the score is evened. The only problem is, I installed the application and it really does not seem high definition unlike the iOS version.

Here’s some of the features you can expect in the new Android app:

  • Pin what things from all over the internet
  • Discover unique content from browsing different categories
  • Explore various pins and boards created by pinners you follow
  • Like Twitter, you can retweet or “repin,” like and comment on pins
  • Pin your own pins with the built in camera

The Android application was initially unveiled in June at the Google IO. The released version is at 1.0.0 and from my experience, it’s already building up to have a very crisp and fluid UI that will appeal to anyone who loves using Pinterest. With the quality of the website, it’s no doubt that they’ll want to add in more updates with more content and performance fixes. Thus, we can all probably expect to see a lot more updates in the future. No worries though, it’s a very small application in terms of size and will barely take even a dent in your data plan. Loading all the images in the application might, but the size of the application itself won’t.

Pinterest for Android is free to all who have an account on Pinterest. If you don’t, it’s amazingly easy to make one even through the new application.

Hit up the source link below to get a direct link to Pinterest on the Google Play Store.

Have you downloaded Pinterest for your device yet? Do you like it or do you think it needs some more work (I personally think it needs more work)? Either way, sound off in the comments! We’ll try to answer any questions you have about the application!

source: Google Play

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