Photo Sharing Feature Now in Skype

Although, there are plenty of photo sharing options for mobile apps, but people who mostly use Skype for chatting and want to share photos via the same service, can now rejoice as Skype announced a new iOS update for its Skype users. The new update, utilizing the VoIP service on their iPad and iPhone, will now be able to send pictures of any size on their mobile devices. However, this new feature is not the only thing Skype has introduced to its iOS users, as iOS users will now experience a faster Skype with fast loading speeds and less power hogging. Moreover, the update is available for all iOS devices that are running on iOS version 4.3 or higher, which includes 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S.

Millions of users use Skype for iPad or for iPhone every month and with the recent update, Skype added the most frequently requested feature to their iOS versions. People who use Skype on their mobile devices and on computers, often find it troubling when they are unable to use the same features as full computer version on their handheld device version of Skype, which is why, the photo sharing for iOS was highly demanded by users in order to make the conversations more entertaining and fun.

However, as Skype’s website said, the new photo sharing option is not the only update iOS users are getting with this new update. According to Skype, they have also made performance improvements to the app as well since most users want to keep Skype running on their mobile devices at all times.

The new photo sharing feature will enable Skype for iOS users to send photos they have shot with their iPhone or iPad directly to their friends or family members via Skype. The main thing about this feature is that, users do not have to worry about limited photo sizes as pictures of any size can be shared via Skype without having to worry about email size limits or worries such as expensive MMS charges.

Over the last couple of releases, the Skype experience has improved a lot as there has been plenty of performance upgrades to the mobile app. The prior releases were aiming to make the app less battery hungry when it was running in background mode. This enabled users to run Skype throughout the day, while being able to respond to their calls, send, or receive IMs all day long.

The latest version of Skype’s iOS update can be downloaded from Apple iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad. Keep in mind that the new Skype for iPad update supports any version of the iPad. However, the Skype for iPhone only supports 3GS, and iPhone 4, 4S, and 3rd Generation iPod touch.

The latest version of Skype will definitely boost the Skype experience for iOS users. Now users can experience a faster app with unlimited photo sharing regardless of the size of the photo. This will not only elevate the Skype user’s experience, but it will also give user’s a much awaited option in Skype.


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