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Paypal Mobile Payment to McDonald’s will soon be Possible


As online marketing strategies are blooming in the past five years, Paypal is taking another huge step in mobile payments. McDonald’s, the world’s largest hamburger food chain, has partnered with PayPal in conducting a series of tests on receiving payments through PayPal mobile payment system. As much as 30 McDonald’s restaurants in France are participating in the said research to see how the things with go.

The method of PayPal’s mobile payment system was initially unveiled by McDonald’s in their latest franchisee conference in Orlando, Florida. Demonstrations in the conference featured a more “in-depth” service that would allow customers to order and pay using PayPal’s digital wallet and mobile application. They believed that having this kind of payment will be an added advantage in the future for more convenience to customers especially during rush hours. A Spokeswoman at McDonald’s confirmed the tests and dry-runs of PayPal mobile payments system in France and that she concluded that if everything goes well, this technology or mode of payment will be available in the next two years for all McDonald’s restaurants all over the world.

PayPal has been in quick response for the competition with other start-up companies like Square, Inc. in the field of mobile payments. Starbucks Coffee, the world’s largest coffee chain, had reported the partnership with Square, Inc. for their upcoming mobile payment service. More and more people are now getting used to mobile payments because of convenience and somehow safe to use, so far. Ebay, the owner of PayPal, is one of the most known marketing hubs for buying and selling. Customers consider mobile payments to be very easy in purchasing items to shops, retail stores or restaurants if one has this method. Aside from McDonald’s, PayPal has also partnered and signed-up more than 15 retailers including Home Depot and Office Depot.

An analyst at the Wedbush security, Gil Luria has added that “If McDonald’s customers can stand in line and order on a mobile app and pay with PayPal, that is a huge extension of the PayPal’s reach.”  Perhaps the partnership of Starbucks and Square had ignited the move of PayPal to rush on competition, and having McDonald’s in their list seems to be right one for the purpose.

Customers at McDonald’s can then save time waiting in line by using this new service integrated with PayPal. It will also help McDonald’s to increase their sales in the same store with the same time pace while reducing the customer crowding. Do you think that PayPal can really help McDonald’s in this kind of service?

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