Pandora for Android receives update

If you listen to music by streaming, Pandora Internet Radio is no stranger for you. Pandora Radio or simply Pandora is basically an automated music recommendation service with roots which can be traced back to Music Genome Project. The service is available to users in United States, with limited access in Australia and New Zealand. It’s better than normal FM radio because it plays musical selections which are similar to song entered by a user. Technically, it creates a playlist consisting of songs that will be of user’s interest, and it is able to do this by collecting positive or negative feedback from the user for songs chosen by the service. The feedbacks are taken into account while creating future playlists. Apparently, over 400 different musical attributes are considered before selecting the next song, hence it’s a complex process for sure.

Pandora app for Android was initially launched in 2009, and the service has updated its Android offering recently. The updated version of app has undergone an overhaul in terms of app’s look. Much of the update lies very deep. The interface required an update, and now it is more appealing and numerous interface tweaks have made it easier to navigate while adding few new features in the process.

The latest version of app, which is available now on Google Play Store, offers updated song history and allows the user to review, rate, and bookmark previously played tracks. The new version has revamped the way in which you would explore music, and lets you view the track lyrics while listening to the song. Apart from lyrics, the user can also reveal artists’ bios, similar artists and tracks. Apart from the interface updates, Pandora has also fixed few bugs and has brought in few enhancements.

Back in May, the company had announced that it had surpassed 150 million registered users. The number of new registrants and active users has apparently increased by over 50% since the beginning of the 2012, even though the online radio major is facing more and more competition from relatively new services such as Rdio and Spotify. At the time of announcement, over 52 million of those users were actively making use of the service. Pandora is said to have streamed over 1.06 billion hours of music in the month of April 2012 alone, which is a whopping 87% increase over what the service delivered at the same time in last year. Seventy percent of that music was being listened to on mobile devices.

Much of this growth can be attributed to mobile use, Pandora President and CEO Joe Kennedy said while speaking onstage at the International CTIA Wireless conference Tuesday. “Mobile connectivity has allowed us to deliver on our mission of providing people with music they love at a scale that presents unprecedented opportunities for both artists and advertising partners.”

Though there is a sharp increase in mobile users using the service, the same hasn’t reflected in company’s profits. Pandora has missed analyst’s expectations for the fourth quarter and fiscal year in 2012, and has posted a 99% growth for the year.

Have any of you tried out the new version or moved on to some other streaming service? If you’re still using Pandora, how has been the update treating you so far? Share your opinion about the update in the comment section below.

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