Ouya Android Console Shipping in April of 2013

If you live under a rock, it’s probably not likely that you’ve heard of the Ouya, the first Android Powered console. The Ouya went to Kickstarter to try and fund the rest of their project (approximately $950k) and ended up with a whole heck of a lot more. Last night when the Kickstarter funding ended, the final tally they reached was sitting at $8.6 million. Amazing right? That’s nine times more than it was actually asking for. It only proves how popular Android has become. That or people are just looking for a new console. While the latter option is very possible, I think it’s only because of how popular Android has become amongst consumers.

The Ouya isn’t your average Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, nor is it even close to the Nintendo Wii. It’s really a one of a kind. The cool thing about it all is that the Ouya developers have said all the games will be “free, at least to try.” I can imagine they’ll be integrating some sort of payment system but I can guarantee these games won’t be around $60 like your average console games. That is, unless they start doing games like Xbox and PS3 games, but that is highly unlikely if the history of Android games has said anything.

Even though the Kickstarter has ended, your still able to purchase or “pre-order” the console. Keep in mind, it won’t ship out right away. It is said that the consoles will be shipping out to users all over the world by April of 2013. It’s going to cost you $99 depending on how many controllers you want to come with the console. It’s also probably wise to note that the console is hackable and the developers have actually encouraged this. Obviously no one cares about that though, you all want to know what the specs look like (I’m kidding, of course)!

The Ouya is bursting with awesome specs. It’s actually packed with 2.4GHz 802. 11n for downloading games. It comes with 8GB of Flash Storage (I assume there will be a way to expand that) along with NVIDIA’s famous Tegra 3 processor. Not only that but it’s also packed with 1GB of RAM and an extra HDMI Port to plug into the telly.

If you think that this thing isn’t going to be very popular, it’s worth mentioning that Namco is looking to hop on the Ouya bandwagon. Not to mention that the gaming firm, OnLive has already hopped onto the idea.

Anyway, is anyone actually interested in this, would you take it over your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3? Will you be getting the console? It’s quite obvious that there’s already a huge community surrounding the Ouya console. Considering the console has a Tegra 3 processor and it’s actually a dedicated console I wonder if they’re going to be making some really advanced games for this console.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts about the console! Also, if you’d like to pre-order it, just hit the source link below and it’ll take you straight to the Ouya product website.

source: Ouya

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