NVISION Is a Fantastic Way To Keep Up With Android Gaming News

There aren’t a lot of sources to keep up to date on Android gaming. Sure you have your general gaming sites and your general Android news websites, but there isn’t a decent one for the in between. NVIDIA has you covered with their NVISION application though. It’s full of rich and funny content that covers both general gaming news and Android news. They find and put up some really cool content such as their weekly App Essentials column which is basically a list of must have applications for Android devices. They never fail to write up about some quality apps in the column either. Rarely have I came across something that was terrible out of their suggestions.

NVIDIA also often reports are general Technology and Gadgets. One of the most recent entries that I thought was actually really cool news is how well NVIDIA is doing financially. CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang reported that Nvidia’s revenue rose to $1.04 billion during the second quarter of this year. You’ll just find some general cool stuff about that. They don’t write a whole lot about themselves though. The writers seem to put up content as to what’s interesting to them. Obviously that is just a observance and isn’t necessarily true.

NVISION covers a bit more than just Tech and Games though. They have one of the most fantastic and best columns that is all about movies. There are tons of opinion columns, reviews, movie history and behind-the-scenes articles. There is just a lot of rich content that is really fun to read in the application. I’m not 100% sure if it’s just an app or if it’s also a website. If it’s just an app though, they did a fantastic job with it. Between the rich content you’ll experience and luxurious design, users won’t be bored with the content offered.

As NVIDIA’s usual style, it’s a dark metallic themed application. It’s very nice to look at and the animations going on behind the articles are also a nicely added feature to the app. Okay, let me rephrase that. All the animations in the application are very nicely done. It’s very smooth and it’s performance is spot on. No complaints from here!  Sections such as Latest news, Games, Apps, Movies, Gadgets and Tech are all split up so everything is very organized and easy for the user to access. Of course, you probably would like to know the best part of the application, yes? Honestly, I’d have to say that their consistency when it comes to updates is the best part of the application.

They are always making sure everything is stable and compatible. Their most recent update fixed some Open GL Mapping, optimized the application for Jelly Bean and also added a few coding updates to increase the stability of the application.

The application is a little bit on the large side sitting at around 22MB. With the rich content and luxurious features though, it didn’t matter to me much. I at first wasn’t so sure about it. After I downloaded it, I was very happy with application.

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