Now an Android app which transfers files without Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC

No Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth, no GPS, No NFC. No IP, Infrared, cloud-link, email address, telephone or name required either. That’s what it takes for an app to transfer files from one phone to another. Just open the app in all the devices and relax. No more tangled up connections. No more repetitive confirmations. With Sonic Share, the word simplicity reaches a new apogee.

Sonic Share uses sound waves to initiate connections between phones placed in the vicinity. Unlike Bump, where you have to bump the devices together, with Sonic you just have to launch the app on both devices, place them in the vicinity of each other and let Sonic unleash its clairvoyant powers.

The app allows you to transfer almost anything- be it songs, videos, images, apps, text messages, contacts, notes, recordings, sketches web history and even clipboard content. Rhapsodically, you can transfer any kinds of files- mp3, wmv, mp4, txt, xls, pdf, apk- no constraints on file formats either.

If that’s not enough, Sonic comes with another anomalous feature- 1-to-many transfer. Want to transfer a song to all your friends sitting across a room in one go? Just select the file and open the app in all devices who want to receive it. That’s it. No need to pair your devices up, enter the hard-to-guess, Delphic keyword and confirm every incoming connection.

But is it safe? Well, yes. The data transferred between devices is deleted from the servers in less than 15 minutes Sonic Share also provide an option where you can confirm every incoming connection and view the information about the device which is sending it. For Sonic to work, you need to be in the vicinity of 2 metres with the app open in your smartphone. Unless someone outsmarts you with his clever ploy, downloading of content without your consent is extremely fortuitous.

How does it actually work?
As mentioned, Sonic uses sound waves to trigger remote connections between phones. When you press the “Send” button, it plays an idiosyncratic sound, which is acknowledged by all the devices who “hear” it. (You can even initiate silent file transfers, in which case, the frequency used is lesser.) The recipient devices now communicate with the server and send along with timestamp, its unique device id. The server then looks up to see if any sending requests have been initiated for the given time-stamp. When it finds a match, it first receives the file from the sender, saves it in a temporary location and sends it back to the receiver.

The app is FREE to download from the Play Store. The free version however limits your file sending capacity to 1 MB. If you want to send larger files, you would need to upgrade to Super or Ultra version. The Super version gives you the freedom to transfer files up to 10 MB and the Ultra Version allows files up to 50 MB. There is no limitation on number of files you can send though.

We just found a new jocular way to transfer files. And you thought only ‘Bumping’ was cool!