Nokia X2 saves a life in battle

Memes, a form of cartoon, are very popular these days. If you track memes, you may have probably seen Nokia memes at some point in time. There are plenty of memes featuring the classic Nokia 3310 feature phone, normally having captions related to its toughness. Nokia 3310 sure was tough, and many people still have one of those in working condition, but what about the newer Nokia phones? Is their build quality tough enough? Well, someone from Syria put his Nokia X2 to test, and it managed to save his life! The clash between government of Syria and people is getting dirty and it’s very sad that many innocent people are losing their life. Earlier this morning, someone on Facebook reported about an incident where in which a person was filming the action that was happening between the rebels and military on his Nokia X2 (although the X2 doesn’t have a decent camera). There was a cross fire going on and the owner of X2 decided to go more closer to the battle site in order to get a closer shot while putting his life at stake in the process.

He was capturing video with his X2 almost in front of his mouth, holding X2 with his right hand. On getting closer to battle site, a bullet was fired at him, but luckily he had his Nokia X2 in front of his face and he managed to get away without a single scratch. The above image explains how scary the situation must have been for him, and he must be very grateful for buying the Nokia. No idea on just how true this incident is, but seems like technology has saved another life yet again.

This incident testifies Nokia phone’s build quality. The company is going through a financial bad luck at the moment and selling its unwanted assets in order to keep the company running. It recently sold 500 patents to Vringo in order to stay afloat. Once a major player, the company has already lost its smartphone market, and Lumia devices aren’t doing really well, thanks to the announcement of Windows Phone 8 and the fact that current Windows Phone devices aren’t going to be updated to next generation of Windows Phone operating system, which is going to be better in numerous ways. Nokia is expected to make a major comeback with the launch of Nokia Lumia 910 and 920, both of these running Windows Phone 8 and are anticipated in September. At least one of the Windows Phone devices from Nokia is expected to launch with Nokia’s Pure View technology, the imaging technology that was seen on its flagship phone, Nokia 808 Pure View. Only time will decide whether the company will stay in the competition or in the history book.

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