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Nokia Windows Phone 8 Smartphone Coming to Verizon


Verizon has been off the Windows Phone game since May last year but it could be making a comeback according to a new report coming from Bloomberg. The report states that Verizon is prepping to bring the upcoming range of Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 8 to its network. With only AT&T being a Windows Phone partner, it now seems like Verizon could join the mix, accompanied by T-Mobile on the side (most probably). This is great news for customers on Big Red’s network, and we could see the announcement coming from the company after the September 5th event jointly held by Microsoft and Nokia. The carrier however could take until late this year to launch the said Nokia Windows Phones on its network. Verizon has decided to remain silent on the issue, but we will know for sure in the coming days.

The September 5 event which is to be held in New York could also include AT&T which is the only major carrier in the U.S currently partnering Windows Phones. Bloomberg states that this move from Verizon will decrease its dependency on the iPhones and Android smartphones sold under its belt. Nokia is expected to launch three new Windows Phone 8 devices on Sep 5, so all eyes will be set on that event. The availability of the new Lumia lineup on Verizon’s network could further boost the platform’s sales and popularity in the country. T-Mobile already sells the Lumia 710 on its network, so it wouldn’t take a genius to guess that the new lineup would hit its shelves as well.

Things look really good for the Windows Phone lineup, and we could get to see a lot more in the coming days. With Samsung, Huawei and HTC among the Windows Phone partners, we could get to see a variety of new smartphones being announced in the coming months. Nokia will always enjoy the privilege of being the closest Microsoft partner, given the sacrifices the company made to step into the Windows Phone arena. It could take another month or so for Nokia to make the device available in the market, but it would be very much aware that there’s hardly any time to wait considering the pace at which the market is moving.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: WM PowerUser

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