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Nokia Phi Specs Surface

A benchmark test published last May pointed at the existence of a Nokia phone called the Phi. The test revealed that the phone carried Windows Phone 8, specifically the 8.0.9698.0 build which was believed to be the latest Nokia Windows Phone build available. Other than this, however, no details were found about the phone.

Now, a new report from Nokia Innovation suggests that the Nokia Phi is the same Windows Phone 8 prototype whose alleged images had been leaked recently. Supposedly, the Nokia Phi will have a larger display than the Nokia Lumia 800 which has a 3.7-inch display. It will also be thicker and heavier than the Lumia 800. Moreover, the device is said to have a polycarbonate unibody, ruling out the possibility that the device will have a battery that can be replaced by the user. Four physical buttons will allegedly be found on the unit’s side including a camera key, a power button, and volume control keys. Under the hood, the device could sport a dual-core Qualcomm processor as well as a Near Field Communication chip and an LTE radio which could suggest that the device will be made available in the United States. A microSD card slot could also be onboard to provide storage expansion.

The device is not expected to be marketed as the Nokia Phi. Even when the benchmark test was released, Phi was thought to be a codename for the product. Furthermore, as always, there is the possibility that all this is just a rumor that needs to be backed up with more solid proof to become credible.

In related news, it is speculated that Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 smartphones could make their debut at the Nokia World event which begins on September 5th. They could be available in the market by the time the lucrative holiday season comes which could help boost Nokia’s smartphone sales.

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