No “Explosive Growth” For Windows 8 This Year, Says Acer

The latest estimates of Acer is not encouraging as it expects that devices running Windows 8 cannot have “explosive growth” later this year, when the new operating system from Microsoft launches in October. The executive of the Taiwanese PC maker cited lack of consumer interest as one of the biggest reasons.

CEO J.T. Wang said that they are yet to see indications of interest from consumer about the new operating system.

Acer was originally expecting high PC sales for the coming last two quarters of the year. The expectation  is buoyed by the release of Windows 8 that could usher in a wide range of new tablets and notebooks to the world.

Wang said that it is more realistic to expect “medium growth” amidst an ongoing weakening of global economy and the uncertainty of the Windows environment.

“Although everyone is preparing for the Windows 8 launch, but still there is a lot of reservation, and so we do not see the momentum for very explosive growth has been accumulated,” Wand said.

Wang is an open critic of Microsoft’s plan to create its own tablet, the Surface. Wang’s comment is most likely related to his view that Microsoft’s first attempt to deliver its Windows operating system though its own hardware is not helping its PC-maker partners. By making the Surface, Microsoft is breaking away from its traditional practice of relying on its partners to sell the Windows OS. The Surface will be a direct competitor to other tablets in the market including Acer’s own.

Wang also suggested that his company may change its plans for products built for Windows RT, a mobile version of Windows 8 designed to run in devices with ARM-based processors.

He also mentioned that Acer will have to wait for the final decision from Microsoft on the selling price of its Windows RT tablet. Rumors have been circulating that the Windows RT version of Microsoft’s tablet will be sold at $199.

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