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Nikon Android Camera Images Leaked

Nikon’s Android camera had been rumored for some time, and now, purported photos of the device have surfaced online. The photos were released by a blog called Nikon Rumors. The camera is believed to be called the S800c and as the photos suggest, will be part of the Coolpix series.

From the photos, an OLED touchscreen, possibly measuring around 3.5 to 4 inches, is shown to be at the rear side of the device. The display shows Android applications which seem to be from Android Gingerbread, suggesting that this could be the version of Android on the camera. It supposedly will be able to support apps from Google Play.

Moreover, the images show that the device sports a 4.5mm – 54mm lens that has support for 12x optical zoom. It is also rumored that the camera will carry Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, it could have GPS as well, allowing users to enjoy a geo-tagging feature.

Other than the Nikon Rumors blog, the device had likewise made an appearance at the  Indonesian Communication Agency website.

More specific details surrounding the device are still scarce at the moment. Nikon Rumors, however, mentions that the device is set to be unveiled this coming August 22, and ahead of the Photokina Trade Fair in Germany, so photography enthusiasts do not have to wait much longer to know about the device.

An Android-based camera is a pretty novel idea that could appeal to both camera enthusiasts and fans of Android. Nikon, however, cannot claim that this is the world’s first camera running on Android OS. Earlier this year, Polaroid already showcased a smart camera that comes with Android OS during CES. Polaroid, however, has not yet distributed that product in the international market. Meanwhile, Samsung is also said to be preparing a shooter called the Galaxy Camera which supposedly runs on Android OS, as well.

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