Nexus 7 Gets Some Advertising on Google Homepage

With the Google Nexus 7 not selling as well as analysts expected (mainly due to the lack of advertising) Google has put up the Nexus 7 tablet right in the middle of its homepage. Since that page only gets a very minor amount of traffic, you’d highly doubt that this would be a good advertising tactic (I hope you caught the sarcasm). It’s also the page that does not get clogged up with anything that might distract the consumer away from Google’s sole purpose which just happens to be search. Sure there’s usually some doodles on their depending on what Google decides to celebrate on any given day, but with the lack of ads any other sort of links, its the perfect spot to advertise the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Since “the playground is open,” Google says. There is all of the sudden a whole lot more people eying this shiny new device. Expect the affordable Nexus 7 tablet to go out of stock in 3…2…1…well, you get the point. Some will argue that this move is a sign that their new tablet is just not selling well. There’s truth to that, yes. The Nexus 7 is selling fantastically, but there’s also a lot of people missing out on this new tablet. Therefore Google is just getting the world out through cheap advertising where they only had to pay the web developers and graphic designers. Honestly, it really all comes down to Google promoting their product at any corner they can. This isn’t a strategy that Google uses all the time, but it definitely does work. There are some people that are really annoyed because of this though. Google’s very own ads on their home page, how dare they!? I guess when it comes down to it, you just get what you pay for.

Oh well. I thought the idea was a fantastic way to get more eyes on the Nexus 7 device. It is a grand device that isn’t very widely known when you compare it to a Apple, ASUS and Samsung tablet. In fact, the add is so miniscule on my Google homepage that I don’t see why the shameless advertising is even a bother. I honestly hope this helps them sell it more.

Do you think this shameless advertising tactic for the Nexus 7 tablet is annoying? Or are you like me and thinking that they need to do whatever they can to get it as popular as they can before Apple releases their 7 inch iPad?

Let us know in the comments below!

source: Android Central

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3 Replies to “Nexus 7 Gets Some Advertising on Google Homepage”

  1. i didnt know about the tablet if it wasnt for this ad and it shows up right when i want one thanks google for putting that ad there

  2. Not only do I think them advertising their OWN product on their own website is fine, I think the ad needs to be larger. Given how sparse the Google search page is they may as well make the ad bigger. Apple promotes their IPad on their website why shouldn’t Google promote theirs. I really want the Nexus 7 to succeed even though there is nothing in it for me personally and I don’t actually have a need for a tablet. I just want to see Apple taken down a notch.

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