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Next-gen Samsung GT-I9260 Nexus leaked

If you’re into Android devices, you’ll definitely know what Nexus is. For others, it’s a series of Android devices that are produced by manufacturers in collaboration with Google. The Nexus phones basically aim at delivering “pure Android” experience, which means the devices ship with ROM that are free of carrier or manufacturer modifications. They also come with unlockable bootloader, which makes it perfect for further development and end-user modification. Nexus phones are considered as “flagship” Android devices. The recently launched Nexus device is the Nexus 7, a 7 inch tablet manufactured by ASUS in association with Google, received overwhelming response up to the point that dealers’ stocks went dry, which testifies the fact that an Android device with Nexus branding is sure to sell like hotcakes, but that said, the devices are normally great. Nexus 7 has set a standard for how a budget tablet should feel and function like. Nexus devices are the first ones to receive any operating system updates from Google, which makes them a real nice deal.

Today, information on two new Samsung device, Galaxy S II Plus and Galaxy S III Mini, were leaked, and for Android fans, there’s more good news because today’s leak is accompanied by another device, GT-I9260 Superior. GT-I9260 Superior is of course its rumored codename, but the final product will certainly have Nexus in its name. The first Nexus phone was manufactured by HTC, but Samsung has been responsible for production of second and third models of Nexus phones, and if rumors turn out to be true, the South Korean technology major will also be responsible for fourth Google Nexus Android handset.

A spec sheet of GT-I9260 has been leaked, but then it’s a leaked spec sheet and credibility of it is unknown. The Galaxy Nexus carried a model name of GT-I9250, so the GT-I9260 may be a pointing towards a slightly upgraded model or an all new phone altogether. Nonetheless, according to leaked specs, at 4.65”, the next gen Nexus phone is expected to feature the same screen size as the previous model, the Galaxy Nexus. The similarity, however, ends at the screen size because unlike the predecessor, the 4.65” is going to be HD and will be a Super AMOLED HD. A dual core 1.5 GHz processor will be doing its job on board. Imaging department seems to have received a bump in the form of an 8 megapixel camera at the back, and a 1.9 megapixel in the front. For those who felt 16 gig was too little, the next gen Nexus will feature a SD card memory expansion slot as well.

A better camera and a microSD slot are most probably the two things that are on top of every Galaxy Nexus owner’s wish list, so this new device seems to address that issue. A 1.5 GHz dual core processor isn’t exactly a high end flagship phone material, so we have a feeling that the leaked information has something missing as Galaxy S III has a quad core processor and a better screen.

Nevertheless, without official information in hand, it’s better to take all the rumors with a grain of salt. Previously, there were rumors which suggested that Google is planning to launch as many as 5 new Nexus devices this fall. If that’s true, GT-I9260 could be one of them. May be Google is planning to launch GT-I9260 as a midrange Nexus device while higher end Nexus phone could be in the works by other manufacturers. The Nexus handset line is badly in need of a refresh, so these leaks during this time of year aren’t surprising at all. We’ll wait for some more solid leaks and keep you updated. Until then, we have our fingers crossed. What about you? Connect with us using the comment form below.

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